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ASH is based on the true story of how the unsafe and unregulated disposal of coal ash led to the deaths of members of a small community.  Read the article that inspired the script by Ash screenwriter Joanna Castle Miller.

A young, widowed homeowner battles her own ghosts, and a charismatic energy executive who may be her last chance, when she is driven to leave her town after environmental devastation.

Ash is directed by Kaz PS and starring Lauren Hines, Dale Soules, Jason Butler Harner, Frank de Julio, Daniella de Jesus, and introducing Addy-Bella Bautista.

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Do we stay no matter what?

Where You Go
 chronicles a critical day in the lives of Samantha and Conrad Stone, a young married couple living in New York. When they made their vows, neither could predict just how soon struggle would come. Where You Go is a film about dealing with the hand you're dealt, and our subsequent coping mechanisms. It's about the nature of relationship when life does not present us with the rosy future we envision when we say, "I do."

Where You Go is directed by Paul Urcioli, written by DeWanda Wise and produced by Lauren Hines.

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